Saturday, 5 February 2011

A Day Off....

It 'feels' like an age since I took a day off from work... but of course it is not as bad as that.. honest!

Over here in England, we are enjoying gale force winds - I hasten to add that these winds are nothing remotely like the force poor folk in Queensland, Australia have recently had to battle through. And after all those horrific floods too.

No, ours are just plain old ordinary gale force. Mildly irritating after a while... you know how strong wind rather sets the teeth on edge and generally makes everyone a bit tetchy.

I am amusing myself right now by looking out my window and watching my little hens. They are being blown hither and thither by the wind, their 'skirts' are being blown over their heads, they are even being blown head over heels when they have their beaks to the ground to peck at some delicious morsel or other. They remain determined. They have a studied nonchalance that belies the fact that they are totally powerless against the force of the wind.

They make me laugh.

You know how much I love my hens. They are little charmers that wriggle their little way into our hearts. Individual characters with individual voices. They have taught me so much over the past 3 or 4 years we've been 'keeping' hens. And they gladden my heart every time I look at them.

Whatever it is that gladdens your heart, I hope you have time to enjoy it this weekend. With love, Vxx

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Been a looooonnnnng time comin'...

Yes, it has indeed been a long time coming.. this post that is! Much has happened in our neck of the woods and we have, sadly, lost many good friends in the intervening period of time since I posted.
My darling Bear, for one, has departed, R's most lovely and wonderful father also. I've hated the thought of passing on bad news to you. So radio silence seemed the best and frankly, the easiest option.
But times move on and we are gently enjoying our lives again. And I hope to be able to annoy you in the future with some more posts from this side of the world. We have thought of you often and just as often, snuck in to see what you have been up to.. cheeky of us, I know.
Love to you all, Vxx