Thursday, 28 May 2009

Thank You...

It's been sometime since I last posted - and goodness how a few things have changed on Blogger! Seems I have to spend a bit of time re-learning how to load images etc!

These photos of some flowers in my garden are to say Thank You for all the wonderfully kind comments I have received since my last post (which I've deleted...)

This first image is specifically for my friends in Iowa (Russell and Bailey) as I had promised to do a blog on the lilacs in my garden but never quite got around to it... sorry guys and I hope you'll forgive me!


This next flower is commonly known as Bleeding Heart but more correctly as a Dicentra...


And finally, a Clematis that flowers in late winter just outside the window where I type here for this blog... the view is taken from directly underneath the flower heads so as to be able to see into the little blossoms rather than just from the side as normal...


I'll be spending a bit of time catching up with your blog over the next few days or so.  With warm wishes, Vxx


  1. Dear Veronica,

    Welcome back! I went for a walk in the rain on Sunday morning and the heady scent of lilac filled the air. I love walking early before the city awakes and I can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

    It is so good to see that you have returned and I look forward to catching up with your blog again soon.

    Marie x

  2. There she is! I was just thinking about you yesterday, I'm so glad you're back with in blogger world.

  3. Hi Veronica,
    I have missed you very much. Welcome back. My lilacs are in bloom here and I'm enjoying everyday with them. Your photos of all your blooms make my day. That bleeding heart pic is stunning.

  4. How nice to see that you're back. The flower photos are lovely - the lilacs are just about to come into full bloom here. Bleeding Heart is my daughter's favorite flower, although Lilies come a close second.

  5. Veronica, I have been thinking of you and wondering when you would be back. I would often check in to see if you had left a post, so I am thrilled to find that you have one today!! I hope that you are feeling good, my friend. Your photos of fantastic, I especially love the lilac one, and feel as if I can actually smell the sweet scent of it! I am so happy that you are back!! take care, thinking of you, Debby

  6. Welcome back, Veronica! Lilacs are among my avorite blossoms-they smell so beautiful! Great photos!

  7. nice to hear from you, hope all is well for you and the family. england in june........interesting? take care, jack c

  8. So good to see you again.
    Love those flowersxx