Saturday, 17 January 2009

Fizz, THE Moose...

There is a very special 'person' in our lives. His name is Fizz - because of his sparkling personality, don't you know... Fizz came into our lives about 5 years ago (but goodness gracious please don't tell him how 'old' he is...) when we were looking for a special Christmas gift for some friends of ours... He arrived a bit early for wrapping, so we had him in our bedroom for a while.

Well, he worked his magic on us and we found ourselves totally unable to give him to our friends as originally planned.

Fizz travels most places with us - except where or when we worry that he would be damaged or harmed in any way. Many of our friends simply adore him - he is quite, quite the most amazing little moose you will ever meet and I am proud to introduce him to you all....

Here he is, Fizz the Moose... he is pictured here at our favourite hotel on Lac d'Annecy just as he is about to tuck into his meal ....

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  1. Hello Veronica,

    He is cute! What a spectacular view in the background ~ I found you on my list of followers, so thought that I would drop by to say hello and welcome to blogland!

    Marie x