Friday, 23 January 2009


I don't know about you, but there are certain plants that seem to convey charm and beauty with so much ease. For me, the cyclamen is one of those plants. I love them and find them to be elegant creatures, with a delicacy that is so, so delightful. Starting with their petals hanging straight down and then slowly but surely furling them upwards until they are upright as though they are exclaiming about the joys and delights of life itself.

cyclamen, warm light, grey day

Here is my latest cyclamen, photographed today in my kitchen. It was raining at the time I took these photos and then just after midday the rain turned to snow - those big fluffy flakes of snow that always remind me of Peanut cartoons when Linus and Snoopy would try to catch the flakes on their tongues.

warm light on cyclamen

So evocative were those cartoons that I occasionally try to do the same thing myself! So much fun to be had as a 'grown up child' I think....


  1. Hi Veronica
    I like also cyclamen,they are a wonderful plant in
    many variationen.
    I wish you a sunny week!
    Greetings Regina

  2. Hi Regina,

    I'm glad to hear that you like cyclamens too - it is useful to have plants that can take a bit of cool temperatures during the winter months. Thank you so much for the sunny wishes - they must have worked already because as I look out the window, the sun is shining! So thank you once more. I wish a sunny week for you too and will be visiting your blog a little later on - warm greetings to you from Suffolk, England, Veronica

  3. I was given a dark pink cyclamen in October and it has been cluttering my kitchen windowsill so when I heard about a friends mother-in-law's homecoming from an unexpected stay in hospital I sent her home with this as a gift to cheer her up. I gather it was accepted with delight. I can always buy another one after all. Giving is always a joy.:-)

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments. It has been a pleasure to find your. And I do agree with you, cyclamen are really lovely and come in such pretty colours.

  5. What a wonderful description of your cyclamen, & the way they bloom! I am so glad I have found your blog.

  6. Hi Kissa, - I like that one! Yes, giving is indeed a joy :)) Hugs xx
    Hello Mia, Thank you too for visiting my blog and for your kind comments - we can all look forward to more lovely colours in our gardens in Spring... warm wishes from Veronica xx
    Hi Meggie, Bless you for your comments and for all the wonderful posts on your blog too - I love reading it. Hugs to you too xx