Sunday, 1 February 2009

A new month.... already!

Gosh, it has been such a busy week and suddenly I find that January has slipped out the door and February has arrived. I hope that you have all had a good start to your year.

The UK is apparently experiencing its coldest winter for 13 years and we are 'braced' for a heavy snow storm tomorrow afternoon. Here, where I live, we are have a mix of pale blue skies with patches of sunshine, leaden gray clouds - and tiny snowflakes floating in the air. Quite a mix and really rather enchanting!

I have been watching for the Bullfinch family that normally raids the newly formed buds on our old Greengage trees about mid January. They are a little later than normal due to the cold weather. But this morning, I caught sight of some of them and raced for the camera to try to get a couple of images for you to see. Not the best circumstances as they were taken from inside the house and the distance was at the limits for the camera lens. But still they are magical birds and I hope you enjoy what you can see of them...

bullfinch family Feb 09

The photo above is of one the males and here below is another male in the group... (and an apology for the image being out of focus LOL!)

bullfinch family 1 Feb 09

The female Bullfinch does not have that amazing pinky-red breast but to me, her plumage is so subtly beautiful and at least as attractive as the male plumage...

Female Bullfinch Feb09

I have been watching this group since we came to this house and to their territory - there are about 9 family members now although the number ebbs and wanes throughout the seasons and years. I am hoping for a bumper 'crop' of young this year so please keep your fingers crossed for them. Bullfinches are a rare sight now, being shy and retiring birds, so we are very fortunate indeed to have this family living with us here.

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  1. Hello Veronica - it was nice to see a new visitor to my blog site. I popped over to visit you and ended up going back into your old posts - had a lovely time. Good luck to your husband on learning Danish - I'm married to a Dane and after all these years I understand just about everything but have a limited ability to get my tongue around some of the more exotic sounds!
    Your post on cyclamen was lovely - it grows wild here, in the woods.