Friday, 13 February 2009

Winter Snow and a Bear

Last night we had about four inches of snow fall here and the trees and their branches laden with snow looked magical with the light from the house shining on them. This morning, the snow is all melting but there is still enough around the garden to show you some photos taken about 30 minutes or so ago..

Here is a very special Bear who is showing us her remarkable recovery from her stroke a couple of weekends ago... She has been enjoying regular sessions of Reflexology, Reiki and gentle Massage as well as taking a special blend of minerals and vitamins prescribed by her vet.

Typical Labrador pose, sniffing the ground as she is walking along. Wonder if there's anything to eat around here?

What? Did you say something to me....? She's getting a little deaf although I do wonder if it is selective deafness as she always seems to know when food is ready or when it's time for a walk. Surprise, surprise...

Everynow and then, she lurches as the 'boat moves' and so you can see here that the effects of the stroke are still lingering. She has improved remarkably and I am so happy about it. The best thing is that she is happy once again!

But of course, it's tiring being a Super Model...

When do I get my reward for this modelling?

Thanks once again to everyone for all your kind, caring posts and emails.


  1. What a wonderful dog!! Give Bear a hug and a pat on the head for us out here in Iowa!!

    My guess is that your days of seeing snow are coming to an end soon! We will get snow out here until the first of April but it becomes more and more wet the closer we get to Easter.

    Take care and I am so glad to see Bear is doing so good!

  2. best wishes for a special dog....ah, super model. enjoy these days, you''ll always remember them. spring will soon arrive, i''ll bet spring in the english countryside is wonderful, take good care, jc

  3. Bear has been patted, hugged and I've told her about her good friends in Iowa too. I'm sure that she would send her thanks to you and to Bailey.

    Yes, I would doubt we will get much more snow (if any)- it's a long time for you though to still be having snow until April 1st. Ugh!

    Warm wishes to you and to Bailey

  4. Hi Jack - thank you for your special wishes for dear Bear - she is indeed a special girl. Well, I would think so...!! :-D I'll be sure to take lots of photos for you to see the spring over this way... warm wishes to you and have a great weekend xx

  5. How my heart was gladdened to see gorgeous Bear looking so well! Give her a hug from me. I am sure her treatments are helping her. I had a friend who used Reiki on my neck~ oh the relief & the bliss~

  6. Veronica - Bear is so beautiful! May she know a long, comfortable life.

  7. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Cheers!

  8. Your Bear is beautiful, Veronica! Big hug to her...What a little love she is! Speaking of love...Wishing you & yours the happiest Valentine's Day! May it be rosy with love and fun. It's so very cold where we are that we're not venturing far today--LOL! Tonight we'll make a special dinner, a little wine, a film...After a busy week this is big treats! Thanks for stopping to see me and your lovely comment. :o) ((HUGS))

  9. Bear is really looking well - I hope the recovery continues at this pace.
    I loved your 'fourth of the fourth' - thought it looked like a watercolour from Carl Larsson. So different from the dark landing, which I also thought was beautiful. If there were room for a chair it would be a cozy place to sit and read, with a glass of whiskey at hand.

  10. Hi Veronica
    What a pretty dog!I think my dog would like with
    bear play in the snow.He loves snow.Give bear a big hug!!!!!!!!!
    The pictures from your last entry are wonderful.
    Veronica,your home looks warm and cosy.
    I wish you a HAPPY VALENTINE !!

  11. thanks for dropping in on me, i look forward to seeing more pictures and words from jolly old england, take good care, jack