Tuesday, 3 February 2009


We've been enjoying these wonderful two days of snow - the best snow in 18 years, so the best snow that I have experienced since coming to the UK 17 years ago. What a treat and delight it has been!

This morning the sun is shining and although the snow is now melting, it looks quite magical with the sun on it. My hens were rather less than impressed however and I wish that I had managed to take a photo of them when we were down feeding and cleaning early yesterday morning... they were wading through it with the snow actually reaching above their little tummies... Later in the morning after I had let them out of their run, they decided to hide under one of the cars where the snow had not reached and where I had sprinkled seed for the other little birds in the garden to eat.


They refused to come out from under the car and I had to entice them with all manner of bribery in an attempt to get them back to their run later on.

In this next image, you can see the view from my bedroom window yesterday morning -


and the difference today


Yesterday, the snow looked like this from the window by the PC where I am right now, typing this information to you


whilst below is an image taken at 7 this morning from just in front of the well, looking over the road and across the valley to the east...


In between all of this, my darling old dog, Troy (AKA Bear) has been suffering from the effects of a stroke on Sunday night. We are very fortunate to have a wonderful vet nearby however, and with the combined effects of the vets advice and the rest and love she is receiving, we are seeing improvements to her condition. Bear is now sleeping and resting by the fire in the Snug - I am hopeful of a full recovery for her. She is my best friend (next to my husband) and has been the most loving companion thoughout our many years together. It is also quite wonderful to watch the reactions of our younger dog who is clearly concerned for her friend and companion and she is also looking after Bear in the best way she can. Here's a recent photo of Bear...


and one of her sister, Chelsea, also recently taken...



  1. Give your beautiful dog a pat for me! What a great guy!

    Snow! Okay! Glad you are enjoying it!! If you would like a WHOLE LOT of snow (heh!!!) come to Iowa!! We have much more than we need -- and two more solid months of snow!

    The weather people call snow storms "winter events" or "snow events" -- apparently the term event is the new term for storm! Heh!

    Take care and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Hi Russell, yes, I have to say that there is absolutely no comparison to the images of snow that I see on your wonderful blog to the ones I posted yesterday!!! I will give Bear a pat and thanks for that too! Veronica

  3. Dear Bear! Give her doggy licks from Honey & Leo, who, I am sure, would wish her well!
    I have really enjoyed your snow pics too, & the chooks huddled under the car made me smile.
    Having lived in Christchurch New Zealand I have seen the magic of snow too. Our children were always thrilled when it snowed.
    Thanks for leaving me a comment, I have really enjoyed meeting you!

  4. Hi Veronica,

    I am sorry to read about Bear ~ I do hope that she is on the road to recovery. How lucky to have a nice warm snug to lie in to convalesce.

    I love the views of your winter garden and the hens hiding under the car ~ I hope that you managed to get them out before you needed to drive anywhere...

    Marie x

  5. Hi Meggie, how good it is to 'hear' someone else call them 'chooks'!! I miss the terminology of Australia and sometimes have been known to totally confuse the locals when I forget which country I'm in!! And thanks too re: Bear - this morning I believe she is a little better so fingers crossed that this is a trend...
    Hi Marie, Bless you for your good wishes for dear Bear - yes, she has always known the best places to sleep and be pampered! As to the hens, they were complete pests on that occasion and I had to extract them one by one and then carry them, one by one, down to their run. I think they are learning bad habits from Bear... love and hugs my friend xxx