Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Blue, White and some Vintage...

A posy of blue and white flowers from the garden. Simply because they are there for the picking now - such a treat after the winter.

Another view -

An old platter that was my Mother's. It's from our days in Malaysia and I love both this and the one to follow dearly.

Some enamel work on the back of a spoon...

A few of my favourite things around the home - hope you like them too! Warm wishes to you, Vxx


  1. So many pretties, Veronica! I like the idea of showing favorite things...very fun. That simple floral arrangement is delightful for spring...and the details on the back of that spoon are gorgeous!! Oh, and loved the trip to the pub--thanks! ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  2. Blue and white really look good together. Whatever gets paired with white looks good, actually LOL.

    Nice collection of figurines by the way.

  3. Those flowers are magnificent...and I love blue and white china, too.

    The weekend reports were delightful to read. The pictures of the pub interior remind me of places I visited long ago. Thank you for those, and also for your comments. Cheers!

  4. I'd like to sit down beside that blue and white flower arrangement - perhaps with a cup of tea in a blue and white mug.

  5. Lovely old platter, I have a very similar fish bowl as well.

  6. Blue and white is my favorite color combination. Such lovely things. Love those flowers. The sweet grape hyacinths. Mine should be blooming soon. That enamel on the back of the spoon is so pretty. I've never seen anything like it before.
    I so enjoy your blog and your messages to me.
    Hugs, June

  7. What a visual feast. I love blue and white, so fresh and attractive x

  8. My absolute favourite flowers, the beautiful humble grape Hyacinth.
    Also love blue & white china, & that spoon is just a treasure.xx

  9. Beautiful! Better than anything you can find in a florist's shop!

    They remind me a little bit of lillies of the valley - one of our early blooming perennials.

    I really enjoy taking some time to look at the various images you share - they are wonderful.

  10. Hi Veronica, love your flowers!! After this winter, it is wonderful to see color showing up in our surroundings, and even bette to pick it and bring it indoors where we can enjoy it the whole day. I like how you showed blue/white flowers and then added in some of your favorite blue and white things from your home. Very nice photos, and a totally enjoyable post!! I have been off blogger for just a couple of days, busy with the kids, and I am so missing everyone!! take care, Debby

  11. you have a lovely sense about you, great post. i''ll be looking forward to the cottage in summer, take good care, jack c

  12. Hello Veronica,
    thank you for visiting my blog and to be a follower,your blog is also very nice and I love the pictures and story's you tell.I hope you can understand my english.Hope to visit you soon.

  13. Beautiful Veronica. I have been intending to do a blue and white post recently ~ will get round to it eventually!

    Enjoy your weekend

    Marie x

  14. I really like blue and white china. Your flower arrangement has given me inspiration to pick some bluebells from the garden tomorrow. x