Monday, 6 April 2009

Scenes from the weekend... Part 1

The Saturday before Easter and the weather is superb today. Whilst the air temperature is not exactly on the cosy side, the sunshine is wonderful and, if you can get out of the cool breeze that's blowing, then there is definite warmth in the sun! We had an exciting morning visiting one of the local supermarkets (I know, I know) and then headed off to an agricultural supplier to get some more grit and various bits and bobs for the new hens. More of them later. Then back home and a few chores around the home before heading into the garden... lots and lots of chores to be done there at this time of the year.

In tune with Easter, a bunch of (mostly!) yellow flowers, some from the supermarket visit earlier this morning whilst the daffodils are from our garden. Just in an old white jug and placed in the hall...

I love these two green crystal bowls you can see here - they are old but I don't know how old they are. However, I think the etching is charming. I expect that they are the type of bowls that would have been placed on a dining table, ready for the dregs a wine glass to be emptied into when a new wine was to be served...

In keeping with the yellow theme, some freesias with their delicious perfume wafting through the kitchen. Fortunately, you can't really define the dead ceanothus through the window - it didn't survive this last winter even with the protection of the house close to it, so this weekend it's going to go!

More on the theme of yellow - this time some self sown cowslips in the garden underneath one of the pear trees. There are masses in this area of the grass but these are the first to show their faces.

Just behind the cowslips are these deep blue grape hyacinths or muscari - these are pretty little things and as with the cowslips we seem to have thousands scattered around the garden. Even my bulb digging hens don't seem to be able to destroy these. Thank goodness!

And some white hyacinths just by the old well in front of the house. The bulbs are planted in the grass so happily my little darlings are not able to scratch these pretty flowers out of the ground.

The grass had its first cut for the season. This area of 'lawn' has been ravaged by a mole (and the hens) so we have some serious work cut out for us in order to firstly deal with dear little Moley, and then to get the lawn into shape again. Irritatingly, the ride-on mower decided that it is still on winter holidays, so refused to start. An acre or so of unkempt winter grass is a pain to cut with an normal mower!

Reward for effort!! The sun is now well over the yardarm (it's about 6.15pm) and so I made a cool, refreshing gin and tonic for each of us. Delicious!

A few more things to be done outside, tools to be cleaned and put away, the hens to be bedded down for the night and safely secured in their runs. By now, it's cold outside, the light is going from the day and it's time to light a fire in the wood burning stove in the Snug. Time also to turn some lights on inside the house and to think about preparing the evening meal.

If you were coming to share a meal with us tonight, you'd see this view of our front door...

before being welcomed into our little entrance hall where we like to have lots of candles burning, no matter what the season or weather...

perhaps you'd care for a glass of chilled white wine before your meal?

I hope you enjoyed your Saturday as much as we enjoyed ours! Warm wishes, Vxx


  1. you are the perfect hosts......isn't it grand to be able to get outside and work in the garden this time of year? it definitely makes one feel better, along with those gin and tonics, take care, jack c

  2. Gorgeous spring flowers! We may have lost our ceanothus too, but local garden experts tell us to wait until real warm weather arrives, as there may yet be some new growth.
    I love the look of windows glowing golden out into the night - such a welcome at your front door. I knocked but you must have been sipping your wine by the fire and didn't hear.

  3. I love reading and seeing images about your life, it's different from what I do here in New York!

  4. Two of my favorite drinks! Gin and tonic with lime and a nice dry white wine! How did you know? That arrangement at the top is gorgeous. My favorites are those cream colored daffodils.

  5. Oh, your house is so lovely in lamplight. The flowers are so beautiful. I bet you smile everytime you pass that bouquet in the front hall. I too love those green bowls. The etching makes them so charming, but the color is so pretty. Your comments on my blog are such a joy to read. You make me smile.
    Big Hug, June

  6. LOVE all the spring floral glory here, Veronica! I can almost smell those freesias and hyacinths! Any chance of a glass of wine or G & T still? ;o) My favorite drinks too...Your home looks so cozy! Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

  7. Delightful. I especially like the frescias (they smell so good) and that glass of white looks raaaather tempting I must say!

  8. No wine for me, I'm practically teetotal! The entrance to your house has such a homely glow to it. It must look lovely at Christmas time and in the dark winter evenings. Freesias are always such a good buy, I like how they last forever in a vase. My dad's garden is full of cowslips, I have already hinted for a few to be dug up! Your flower photos are lovely and colourful, whenever I take muscari, they are out of focus. I am not sure if it is the plant, me, or the camera! x

  9. Goodness.... talk about perfect! Wow!

    I really enjoy seeing the flowers and the grass -- we are still a few weeks away from such things here in the middle part of the United States. In fact, we had a snow storm yesterday, but it will melt away this week.

    In our world, the third week of April is when the trees leaf out and you start to hear lawnmowers. The type of flowers you have right now are still about 3 weeks away for us.

    This is a silly question - but do you have lilacs there? I am sure you do, but I have never been over the water as they say and I don't know much about things there. My guess is that lilacs and most all other flowers were brought over to this country from yours! But any information about lilacs - my favorite spring flower - will be most welcome.

    Take care and what a beautiful home you have! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Those are some pretty flowers, it somehow lights up the place, right?

    I love those 2 green bowls too.

    Those deep blue grape hyacinths are so pretty! The most charming thing about it and probably the only thing that matters, is its color! And maybe its structure LOL.

    Your home looks so cozy and inviting!

  11. Lovely, lovely post and photos. Beautiful flowers!

    Okay, can I join you for a drink? Coming over in 10 mins. hehehehe

    Have a restful night!

  12. What an utterly delightful post! I loved how you took us thru your day, right from the mornings shopping, to the chores, out into the garden, then into the house later in the evening for a glass of wine and candlelight! Fantastic!! I loved the picture of the hyacinth, I could almost believe that I could smell their sweet scent!! :-) All of your pictures were great, but that was my favorite. Thanks for sharing such a nice post!! Debby

  13. Hello Veronica,
    I am so glad that you found my blog and that you enjoyed your visit. Your blog is lovely too. When I began my blog I never imagined how many wonderful people that would cross my path. Thanks for leaving me a comment letting me know of your visit. I look forward to reading more of your posts and seeing more of your delightful county cottage.

  14. Hi Veronica
    What a wonderful post.Your home looks so warm and welcoming in the evening.And the flowers in your garden... are so beautiful.
    Have a nice evening!

  15. What a lovely and delightful post Veronica. I love to see those flowers and your cosy home. We have had snow for the past two days ~ I'm not sure what happened to spring!

    Marie x