Thursday, 2 April 2009

Roses, Sunshine and Spring...

The sun is finally shining today after a cold, misty start. It's true to say that the sun even has some genuine warmth to it and I have been pootling around the garden, chatting to the new hens. They're doing well, and have begun to venture a little further afield from their little coop.

All my rose bushes are beginning to develop new leaves, new shoots and before (too) long, I hope to see the first flush of flowers. But in the meantime, I can enjoy some lovely roses in my house...

The paintings are quite old, and we were blessed to inherit them a few years ago from a very dear friend. I love these paintings and sometimes the 'right' roses are in bloom together in my garden and then I am able to recreate these pictures in reality on my dining table or other places around the house.

I think this next one is my favourite - well it is today! I dither between them but I guess who really cares which is 'better' - they're all lovely and a joy to look at when winter is here and all is grey outside.

Wishing you a lovely sunny week and weekend to come! Vxx


  1. What fabulous pictures! I am in love with the first one, the white roses are just so pretty and that frame, wow!! How lucky that you could inherit them from a friend. they must look lovely hanging in your home!! What a lovely thing to post about today! it does make us all wish for spring time weather to arrive just a bit faster!

    p.s. I noticed you follow Aiken House and Garden too. Don't you just love that place!! If you hire out that Greyhound bus, let me know and I will gladly join you in going on that garden tour!! I would LOVE to see it all! It fascinates me. Take care, and thank you for all your kind comments on my posts. always a pleasure for me to see you there. ciao, Debby

  2. Gorgeous flower paintings - lucky you.
    I lost two of my rose bushes this winted, when snow slid off the roof and broke them to the ground - at least I think they're done for. They are in a small wired enclosure to keep them safe from the deer - not an ideal situation for a rose garden, but worth it when I can cut some and bring them indoors.

  3. Hello Veronica,
    The paintings are so lovely. Those would surely be a joy to look at day in and day out. I love anything with roses. Hoping you have many roses blooming soon.

  4. Veronica, thanks for stopping by my blog. What gorgeous paintings! I am looking forward to planting flowers in all my pots as soon as warm weather stays. Have a wonderful weekend. :) Madeline

  5. ah the beauty of spring. how are the new arrivals doing? they're lucky to find such a good home....take care and enjoy the season, jack c

  6. Dearest Veronica,
    Such lovely paintings or Roses. I hope you also had taken the photo of your rose garden. I would love to see it. I'm sure it would be so lovely juts like your beautiful paintings.. Tanks for sharing it to us.. Have a nice day my friend..

  7. Hi Veronica,

    Thanks for your visit and nice words.

    How lovely paintings you have....

    Sunny Weekend!


  8. Glad to hear the new hens are settling in! Flowers are amazing, aren't they? My favorite is the middle one.