Thursday, 11 June 2009

It's raining, it's pouring....

For nearly a week now, we've had rain, rain and more of the jolly stuff... I know the ground was far too dry and the farmers were beginning to be a little depressed but I didn't think we needed quite this much rain. Thunder storms and lightning. Tropical rain. Deluging. Flooding. You name it, and it's doing it! It's even been cold enough to light the fire and click the button to start the central heating going.

The evening before the rain started, I had rather fortunately decided that I should take a few photos of some of the roses in the garden. Madame Alfred Carriere has chosen this year to put on her best display since being planted near our front door about 7 years ago. Gorgeous, shaggy blossoms with an intoxicating perfume. In the still evening air, the perfume is almost overwhelming.

Here she is again, but in close up.

And once more, even closer...

The next rose is 'Sceptr'd Isle' which is a David Austin rose. Simply perfect blooms with an extraordinary perfume - aromatic rather than sweet to my mind.

And this is Buff Beauty. The first is the early stage of the flower with it's egg-yolk yellow centre

and which slowly turns into this...

A quick view of a couple of clematis climbing over a trellis fence - The President and Broughton Castle. The latter has been an amazing plant as when I bought it, the poor thing was such a mess that the garden nursery decided to let me buy it for 50 pence only. I guess they didn't expect it to survive, but this is only its third season and it's growing so well!

Finally, here's a photo of our younger dog. She is never too keen on having her photo taken and I think you can probably see that from her expression!

I hope you are enjoying warm and sunny weather - please could you send a little over this way?!! With warm wishes, Vxx


  1. Delicious roses, Veronica...can almost smell them! Pity computers aren't equipped with scent senors! Your dog is so sweet...she does look bit camera shy... It's a nice day here, but summer warmth certainly hasn't visited us yet--we're waiting on it too. Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

  2. Hello Veronica,
    ooh wow,your roses look wonderful.Love your garden pictures.Well it is raining over here to so I also hope that the sun soon will be shining again.And for you to of course.
    Hugs, Ingrid.

  3. Raining here too, thunderstorms and sudden downpours mixed with a general misting. Chilly enough to need tights. Sick of it, when it's done though I'll be complaining about the heat, which will suddenly be tropical.

  4. Veronica, thanks for dropping by and leaving a sweet message on my blog. I have enjoyed my boomerang visit. Your roses are absolutely gorgeous. Even with the rain, are your roses resistant to black spot and mildew? Cheers:-)

  5. Good day Veronica,
    It has been doing the same thing here in my part of the north western part of the US. We get lighting/thunder/rain/hail/and sunshine all in one day. I run out and garden when I get the chance. You might say I'm a fair weather gardener. I also have had to start a fire 2 nights this past week. Crazy! I'm am in awe of your beautiful climbing rose on your house. What an amazing sight that is. All your roses are just so pretty, I love the clematis' scaling the trellis, how lovely your garden is and what a joy that you share it with all of us.
    It's funny that you pup is so camera shy. She's a lot like me, I hate having my picture taken too. Very seldom does any picture of me turn out very nice. I would much rather be behind the camera.
    Big hug,

  6. If only blog postings came with scent strips! I'd love to have a sniff at those roses - simpy beautiful. I have deep rose-envy that will only be assuaged by the swift finish to the deer fence at our place........then it will be roses and clematis at every turn!

  7. wish we had some sun to send you but alas.......great pictures, thanks......see ya round, jack c

  8. Dear Veronica, thanks for sharing so beautiful photos. I loved the rose rose. Have a nice weekend,
    Best wishes,

  9. Hi Veronica! Here in Massachusetts we have had one cloudy, cool day after another. Luckily though, the weekends have been sunny! Your roses are GORGEOUS!

  10. Oh we have been having weather that is soooo dismal, I wouldn't inflict it on anyone. Your roses are just so gorgeous, & I swear I catch little wafts of their scent.