Friday, 5 June 2009

National days

Here in the UK we don't really celebrate any 'national days' which is a shame! Today is National Day in Denmark. We love Denmark and the Danes! A couple of summers ago my husband and I chartered a yacht from a company based in Kerteminde on the island of Fyn and sailed around that island, with small detours, for two weeks. It was fabulous! Actually, there were three of us on board... Fizz was there. Here he is in Årøsund looking after the boat while we popped ashore for a walk:

We had meant to spend the night in the lovely town of Haderslev but, having sailed 6 miles up the stunningly beautiful river to the town harbour, it was full! So, 6 miles back again to the entrance, turn right for a few miles and into Årøsund. That's one of the (many) wonderful things about sailing in this area: you are never far away from somwhere nice.
So, very best wishes to all our Danish friends on their day!
Warm wishes! Veronica. xxx


  1. Oh Veronica - thanks for the reminder. I'll have to get out there and hoist the flag for The Great Dane. Won't he be surprised when he gets up to see the Dannebro flying.
    Denmark is, indeed, the place for sailing. I see that you were in the Aerosund - did you spend any time on Aero? The Great Dane has family in Aeroskobing - in fact three members are coming here in August. We have such lovely memories of all our holidays on the farm there.

  2. Hi Veronica,
    Oh, to go sailing. And to Denmark, it would be lovely for sure. A wonderful trip for you.
    Your messages and posts warm my heart.

  3. sailing in denmark sounds perfect and so would a stop in a copenhagen pub......cheers, jack c

  4. Denmark and sailing -- a natural fit. Scandinavians and the sea! My family is Norwegian, and my daughter visited Norway in March 2007, with deep snow and STILL went on a boat!