Saturday, 6 June 2009

Sverige nationaldag

... and just as you were getting over the party from yesterday's celebrations for Danish National Day, they hit you with...

Swedish National Day! Oh no; another party!

Here are a few photos from our last trip to Sweden - we travelled to the island of Orust to visit the Hallberg Rassy yard during their Open Weekend... BIG mistake! We stayed at the iconic Handelsman Flink Hotel for a couple of nights and rather wished we'd booked for longer. This is one view from outside our room which was very comfortable, spotlessly clean - we enjoyed sitting outside to drink in the views (and a beer each...).

I also wished that we'd booked into the little cottage right on the waterfront - you can see it just above the hire car - it looked absolutely divine.

From My Scans

Here's another view across the sound to Orust - how lovely it all was.

From My Scans

Here's yours truly, enjoying the sunshine and one of those beers I was talking about earlier. Not my favourite drink I have to admit - which is not something I can say about Champagne :) ... Sadly the colour has scanned very badly - it was far more restrained than it is in these photos.

From My Scans

On our last day visiting the yard, we had organised a couple of test sails. The last one was on the Hallberg 54 (a BIG, BIG mistake...) and Magnus Rassy himself kindly took us out for this one. My husband Richard is at the helm, and you can see the big smile on Magnus' face as my husband gave us an absolutely cracking sail back towards the yard and marina... Magnus is delighted because Richard is catching the HR48 which had started out before us. Richard is smiling because the guy at the helm of the HR48 has sailed in the Olympics... (and made all the more special because the HR48 was under full sail whilst we were only under staysail... yes, I'm proud of him!)

From My Scans

I guess that you can see from the last couple of posts that we love both Denmark and Sweden. Both countries are stunningly beautiful and the people could not be more charming and friendly. Perhaps one day we will turn that love into a home. As to the yacht, well that is definitely on our list of 'must haves'! And then we'll be able to visit another country that we love very much - Finland.

We have yet to visit Norway but I suspect that it too will become a firm favourite with us.

Anyway, here's to Sweden, the Swedish people and their National Day!

With warm wishes to you, Vxx


  1. Your pictures of Sweden are beautiful; I love the sea side cottages. I also love the vertical siding used on so many buildings in Scandinavia. I've always thought that style would look good along the coast here, as well.

    Don't you love it when grown men turn into small boys again, when they get onto a boat and especially if there's a little bit of competition to be had?

    Thanks for visiting me! I look forward to you posting about what I am sure will be a future trip to Norway!


  2. What a beautiful post, Veronica! I'd love to be in that part of the world this summer. As odd as it might sound, The Great Dane, whole definitly a Dane, was born in Sweden. He was born just after Christmas, and his parents were in Sweden for the holidays. He has a huge old Swedish baptismal certificate but never had Swedish citizenship.

  3. Someday..........before I go to HEAVEN I'd love to visit Sweden. One of my very dear friends is Swedish and visits often....she just loves it.

    Thanks so much for's beautiful!


  4. Dear Veronica, I liked your post. The photos are enchanting. It is really an inspiring place to visit and enjoy it.
    Have a very nice week,

  5. Norway's national day was last month, and now Denmark's & Sweden's back to back...lots happening here in Scandinavia! A pretty post, Veronica--fun to see! We've not been to Sweden in ever so long...would love to take a weekend trip to Stockholm if we could this summer...we'll see! Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

  6. It is so pretty here. How I would love to visit.